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Thank you for visiting. As you may know, we have filed a class action claim against Equifax in the US District Court of Montana, Butte Division. We hope that by filing this lawsuit we can help hold Equifax accountable for this data breach.

Many people have also asked us how they can find out whether their information has been compromised. Equifax has set up a website at www.equifaxsecurity2017.com. Through this website Equifax will tell you whether you are one of the many people who "may" have had your information compromised. We do not know yet whether anyone in particular - including ourselves - have in fact had information compromised or where it went. Through this litigation, and through the efforts of many states' Attorneys General, we hope to find out that information as soon as possible.

If you have had your information compromised, you do not need to do anything more right now to preserve your rights against Equifax. You are already a member of the proposed Class.

10/4/2017 Update

There is a motion pending to combine all of the cases into "multi-district litigation." The multi-district litigation panel, that will make the ultimate decision, denied the motion to expedite the motion. That means that hearing the motion to combine all of the cases will be put off until November 30. Right now, the only motion filed requests that the cases all be moved to Georgia, where Equifax is headquartered. However, we are trying to build a consortium of lawyers from across the nation that will push for hearing the cases elsewhere, and we have pitched the merits of hearing these cases right here in Montana. We will keep you posted.

Also, if you have seen any suspicious activity on any of your credit cards or anywhere else, please email us at [email protected]. It is very important that we know about any use of the stolen data.

We hope to have more information soon. We are working hard to put some type of permanent credit monitoring into place for all of those affected. But, in the meantime, stay vigilant with your credit information.

Below you can find links to the Complaint we filed in US District Court, news articles written about the breach, and other useful resources.

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