Electrical Accidents

Attorneys Handling Electrical Accidents in Bozeman and Throughout Montana

Electrical accidents can occur anywhere there is high-voltage electricity: residential and industrial power lines, public utilities such as a metro link rail, and construction sites. In fact, most electrical injuries happen in the workplace.

Frequently, electrical accidents stem from premises and product liability issues, including:

  • Inadequate insulation or worn electrical wiring
  • Power cords left near water
  • Defective products
  • Improperly maintained equipment

The law firm of Beck, Amsden & Stalpes, PLLC, will help you if you have suffered an electrical injury in a private or worksite accident. Talk to one of our experienced Bozeman electrical accident lawyers to see if your electrical accident was caused by the negligence of another. Your initial consultation is free.

Burn Injury Lawyers for People in Missoula and Throughout Montana

Injuries from electrical accidents can be serious, long-term and even fatal. Burn injuries are common due to electrical energy passing through the body. But the physical damage can be worse beneath the skin:

  • Nerve and tissue damage
  • Brain damage
  • Seizures
  • Heart damage
  • Hearing and vision loss

The ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation for your injuries can be compounded by the additional burden of mounting debts. Health insurance covers most medical expenses, but not lost wages. Workers' compensation provides limited payments, possibly some medical coverage, but no compensation for pain and suffering. We will represent your legal right to get the damage awards you need for your injuries.

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