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The hospital advertised a high quality of care. But when the hospital staff made a life-endangering mistake, that same hospital claimed it should not be held to such high standards. When the level of care falls below accepted standards, the hospital should be held accountable. Contact the Montana hospital injuries lawyers at Beck, Amsden & Stalpes, PLLC.

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As medicine has advanced, it has also become more specialized. You wouldn't want a general family practice physician to take on your open-heart surgery. It is not only the doctor who must make responsible decisions, but also the hospital.


Medical providers are highly respected and well-compensated. In turn, they have serious responsibilities for competence and keeping abreast of the latest studies, treatments, and medicines. If they fail to maintain the standards of others in their profession, they are negligent.

Hospitals and their staffs have basic obligations, such as answering patient calls and providing proper hygiene and nutrition. Medication or dosage errors can be injurious or even fatal. When the wrong decision is made — including the decision to have a patient wait for care — the patient and the family deserve answers and compensation.

While a hospital liability lawsuit cannot undo the damage, it can encourage better care in the future. For example, when a patient had his spleen removed, the hospital did not give a needed $25 vaccine to the patient, and he died as a result. Because of our firm's lawsuit, that hospital and others in Montana now provide the vaccine as part of their surgical protocol.

At Beck, Amsden & Stalpes, when patients in hospitals suffer injuries from nursing medication errors, anesthesia malpractice, or other medical errors that cause death or injury, we can help the victim or the victim's family recover compensation.

What can you do if a loved one was injured by hospital malpractice?

Talk to the Bozeman medical malpractice lawyers at our firm about your situation and we will explain your options. When hospitals, doctors, and nurses learn that they need to meet their obligations to patients, we will all be safer.

For aggressive, effective representation, contact the personal injury trial attorneys at Beck, Amsden & Stalpes. We have the knowledge and experience it takes to obtain fair and reasonable treatment for all of our clients.