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The woman told the doctor her symptoms and even offered her guess that she might have appendicitis. The doctor disagreed and sent her home. Her appendix burst requiring emergency surgery and a week in the hospital. What might have been routine surgery and a quick recovery became an ordeal because the doctor failed to diagnose properly.

A family doctor failed to inform the parents that their teenaged son needed a routine and inexpensive booster vaccination for asplenic patients. As a result, their son's vaccination protection lapsed and he died of what would otherwise have been a mere common cold.

When a doctor failed to diagnose cancer, the patient missed the opportunity to begin early treatment.

When a doctor was unprepared for a C-section, the baby suffered brain damage because of a lack of oxygen. The child will spend a lifetime with that birth injury.

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Our medical malpractices attorneys have handled these cases and others like them.

Doctors are paid well to make decisions in the best interests of their patients. As patients, we rely on their judgment. When that judgment fails because of inattentiveness, misinformation, distractions, or lack of basic medical knowledge, the resulting injuries can be life threatening.

Our medical malpractice attorneys have seen cases of doctors misreading x-rays and getting the diagnosis wrong as a result, failing to give a routine $25 vaccination that could have saved a life, and failing to page anesthesia in time to perform a needed c-section, resulting in permanent injury to the baby.

Medical negligence and medical malpractice cause grievous harm and wrongful death. Because the statutes favor doctors and hospitals, a medical malpractice case requires experienced, dedicated trial attorneys. If you or a loved one has been injured, talk to us and let us help you.

What can you do when an injury is caused by doctor error?

Contact the medical negligence lawyers at Beck, Amsden & Stalpes, PLLC. We have the medical and legal knowledge to pursue complex medical malpractice litigation. You don't have to face doctors and hospitals alone. We will be there with you.

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