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After homeowners noticed their water smelled of gasoline, they found out leaking petroleum tanks at a nearby railroad yard had contaminated ground water for years, creating a slow-moving river polluting their property and destroying its value.

In another case, a property owner noticed his trees were dying. Then, the water had an odd smell. Finally, his foundation began to crack and float. It turned out the property had been contaminated by stock tanks on a nearby commercial ranch.

In yet another case, chlorinated solvents used in corporate manufacturing had contaminated ground water making the surrounding residential properties worthless.

In another, MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether) was used as a gasoline additive for years and eventually found its way into the ground water supply resulting in land and water pollution on nearby property.

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In all of these cases, we were able to help our clients seek relief from the contamination caused by ground and water pollution from toxic wastes and hazardous substances. In addition to compensation for the property damages and health injuries caused by pollution in our clients' water and land, we have successfully required polluters to set up funds to have the pollution caused by ground and water contamination removed from the property.

What can you do when your property is polluted by ground and water contamination from toxic wastes or hazardous substances?

If you live in Bozeman, Missoula, Butte, Billings, Helena, Big Sky, Kalispell, or any other Montana community, our environmental law trial lawyers are ready to consult with you about your water or land contamination case involving hazardous waste and toxic substances. You do not have to face the polluter alone. We will be there with you fighting for your rights and interests.

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