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A hospital's negligent failure to give a $25 vaccine left a 15-year-old patient, who'd had his spleen removed, dead from what should have been a minor infection.

A tire manufacturer's sale of a dangerous retreaded tire meant for use on the rear of the vehicle was placed on the front end of concrete delivery rig. When that tire failed, and the driver lost control of the concrete delivery rig, innocent Montana drivers died as a result.

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When a loved one dies, the family suffers both emotionally and financially. In addition, that person's estate is damaged. The wrongdoer should be held accountable for both. In a wrongful death action, the family may be entitled to compensation for their financial losses, emotional distress, pain and suffering, etc. In addition, the estate may be entitled to damages for the pain and suffering that the deceased suffered prior to death, or the lifetime value of earnings lost to his or her estate.

What can you do if a loved one has died and someone else is responsible?

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