The Beck, Amsden and Stalpes Law Firm saved my sanity and protected me financially, twice. The first time was more than 20 years ago when I was injured in a car accident. The second time was just recently when the insurance company tried to stop paying medical benefits stemming from that accident. Monte Beck and Anthony Jackson were tenacious, professional and fought hard on my behalf. They also truly care. They took me through two of the most difficult times in my life and delivered me through those nightmares. Anyone fortunate enough to have them on their side should count their blessings. I would highly recommend them without any hesitation.

Marlo Pronovost

I would like to thank the Law Office of Beck and Amsden and to express my satisfaction of how our case was handled for all potential future clients. The staff at the Law office were second to none. Their sincere compassion, genuine concern and dedication to our family and this case was immeasurable. Our attorney that handled our case was Monte Beck, his dedication to and pursuit for the truth in our case was directly responsible for the positive outcome that we had hoped for in our case. Without Monte and his experience involving these types of cases, I feel that my family and I would not have been vindicated. Having said that I also feel in my heart that Monte and his team were the only law firm that could have provided us with such council.

I would definitely recommend ANYONE that is in need of council in civil matters look to Beck and Amsden for help! You'll find unparalleled representation, not only in experience but heart felt compassion.

Charles and Jamie Arnold

From Alan Petersen of Pocatello, Idaho November 13, 2015

To Monte Beck, Amsden & Stalpes, PLLC

I want to express my deep gratitude for your services.

My brother and I, first met with you and your team to defend our parents in there tragic death caused by a head on collision, May, 14 2014 in Montana. There were lots of questions, and concerns about hiring a legal firm outside of our home state of Idaho. Fortunately, we were able to sense the sincere attitude and expertise that we needed to represent us against the Insurance companies. When I found out you were friends with one of the most famous attorneys "Gerry Spence, of the Ruby Ridge Trail", I suspected you would fight for us, and I was right! Your hard work, and persistence to investigate every possible avenue to settle this case has been exceptional. The resulting outcome due to your diligence and expertise has resulted in a settlement beyond our expectations. We have been blessed to have you represent us against the big insurance companies. I suspect that if we had hired a local attorney in Idaho, we would not have been able to reach even 1/2 of a similar settlement.

Thank You and your team for representing us. We will be forever grateful for your services,

Alan Petersen

Alan Petersen Letter of Appreciation(PDF)