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If you have been injured by fraud, negligence, or malpractice, you can feel very much alone in a system that seems designed to frustrate people in their efforts to be compensated for financial or physical injuries. For nearly 30 years, the consumer litigation attorneys at Beck, Amsden & Stalpes, PLLC have dedicated our law practice to helping injured people and the families of wrongful death victims.

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What to Look for in an Attorney

Our lawyers possess outstanding academic and professional credentials. Our victories in court also attest to our abilities. We have recently handled such important cases as these:

  • We held negligent medical providers responsible for injuries to a baby, securing resources necessary to care for her throughout her life.
  • We held a polluting power plant accountable for damage done to property and health in eastern Montana.
  • We obtained remuneration for the entire class of Montana's insured who were wrongfully denied benefits by an insurance company.
  • We put a stop to the Department of Health and Human Service's practice of imposing improper liens against Medicaid beneficiaries' personal insurance benefits.

When you contact our personal injury trial lawyers, you will find experienced attorneys who are always on the side of individuals, families, and small businesses. We never represent big corporations, insurance companies, or large institutions.

Why did we decide to be trial lawyers?

We enjoy working together with our clients for a common cause — stopping pension fraud, holding manufacturers accountable for defective products, ensuring high quality health care, and holding insurance companies to the promises they make when they sell policies.

We want to make a difference in the system — when a lawsuit means a hospital will be safer for future patients; when taking an auto manufacturer to court means that it will take more care in designing new cars; when suing a polluter means a cleaner, healthier environment for all of us — we are proud to be trial lawyers.

Sometimes it takes civil litigation, a jury trial, and a lawyer dedicated to changing the system. At Beck, Amsden & Stalpes, PLLC we are ready to help.

For aggressive, effective representation, contact the Bozeman, Montana, trial lawyers at Beck, Amsden & Stalpes, PLLC. We have the knowledge and experience it takes to obtain fair and reasonable treatment for all of our clients.