Verdicts & Settlements

Trial Court Results:

Munderloh v. Avista Corp.: Recovered $7.5 million on behalf of a man electrocuted by Avista's exposed power line while volunteering at a church construction site.

Ficek v. EPA, Belgrade Tank Co.: Recovered $1.15 million from contractor and a manufacturer on behalf of a woman injured while using heavy equipment at a work site in Montana.

Ayotte v. State: Recovered $1.8 million from the State Department of Transportation and a business owner on behalf of a driver seriously and permanently injured when a business sign along a highway blew apart and crashed through the man's windshield.

Yellowstone Club World LLC: Recovered multimillion dollar losses on behalf of a limited liability corporation rendered insolvent by the looting of its corporate officers and directors.

Clark v. Ford:
Plaintiff owners of a 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis sued Ford alleging a defect in the Electronic Throttle Control system caused a sudden unintended acceleration that left one Plaintiff with a broken back. Plaintiffs waged a hard-fought battle to obtain Ford's internal documents concerning its ETC system and the incidence of sudden acceleration events in its vehicles, and eventually settled their claims for a confidential amount.

Jaeger v. St. Vincent Hospital: Plaintiffs asserted claims for medical malpractice against the hospital and doctors involved in the botched delivery of twins, resulting in severe and permanent brain damage to one twin. The litigation resulted in confidential settlements with the hospital and obstetrician.

Ankney v. PPL Montana: Plaintiffs asserted claims against the power company and related entities whose operations resulted in severe environmental contamination and property damage in Colstrip, Montana. The litigation resulted in confidential settlements with defendants.

Sherrill v. Progressive Insurance Company: Plaintiffs asserted claims against Progressive Insurance companies in Montana on behalf of all Montanans who had been wrongfully denied insurance claims. The litigation resulted in a confidential settlement with defendants.

Martinez v. Les Schwab : $8.2 million dollar verdict for the families of two women who were killed when a defective Les Schwab retread tire failed on Highway 93 near Ronan, Montana.

T.E.F. v. Dasen : $2.2 million verdict for a teenager who was sexually assaulted by a wealthy Kalispell businessman who used his money to lure her into a dangerous situation.

Carlson v. Missoula Medical Center : $1.3 million verdict for parents of teenage child who died after hospital's failure to give routine, inexpensive vaccination and effected change in hospital protocol to protect future patients.

Lewey v. Bitterroot Timberframes : $147,000 thousand verdict for a former employee whose employer withheld funds from his paycheck for a retirement account but failed to establish the account or pay the funds upon termination of employment.

Jones v. Red Cross : Represented a rural Montanan who contracted HIV from an unscreened blood transfusion while visiting family in Oregon. After start of a jury trial, the case resulted in settlement of over $1 million.

Montana Supreme Court Results:

Lutz v. National Crane Corp. : Obtained a ruling from the Montana Supreme Court limiting ability of a defendant whose dangerous product had caused a wrongful death to argue that the deceased had misused the product or assumed the risk of injury.

Newville v. Dept. of Family Services : Obtained a ruling from the Montana Supreme Court that defendants should not be permitted to point the finger at others, unless they were properly made parties to the case. This decision effectively protects injured individuals from the "empty chair defense," in which the defendant attempts to blame the plaintiff's injuries on someone who is not there to defend himself and who will not compensate the plaintiff if found liable.

Preston v. District Court : Obtained a ruling from the Montana Supreme Court that business defendants whose defective products cause injury to consumers must provide information concerning other similar injuries and accidents caused by their products.

Bear Medicine v. U.S. : Secured the right of Montana parents to be compensated for the loss of their adult children through the tortious conduct of another.

Other landmark Montana Supreme Court decisions resulting from the firm's representation of litigants also include North v. Bundy , Durden v. HydroFlame , Niles v. American Eye Care , Watts v. Livingston Rebuild Center , and Faulconbridge v. State . Each of these decisions has effected important change or clarification of Montana law in favor of injured plaintiffs.

Favorable Settlements:

Behling v. Darby Lumber : $4.15 million settlement in favor of plaintiff retirees whose pension funds had been squandered through the self-dealing transactions of their employers.

Lockwood Solvent Site Litigation : Plaintiffs asserted claims against various businesses responsible for releasing dangerous contaminants into the soils and waters in Lockwood for at least a decade, resulting in medical conditions and property contamination. This litigation culminated in a confidential settlement.

Hammett v. Bird Brain : $1.8 million settlement for Plaintiff who suffered burns over 17% of her upper body while using dangerous and defective product known as a "Bird Brain Firepot." Plaintiff was seated nearby when a family member was refilling the decorative ceramic Firepot with "Bird Brain Fuel Gel" and the Gel exploded.

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