What To Do If You Are Injured

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If You Have Been Injured:

  • Seek Competent Medical Care and Treatment: Don't short-change yourself or take risks with your health because someone else was negligent.
  • Preserve the Evidence: Take every effort to preserve any physical evidence related to the injury. Take photos of any physical injury or property damage, videotape the scene of the accident, and keep any records or other documentation in a safe place.
  • Be Wary of Insurance Interviews: No matter how helpful they may seem at the time, insurance adjusters are not necessarily acting with your interests in mind. They may attempt to take your statement while you are lying in a hospital bed, recovering from a brain injury, suffering from emotional strain and without counsel to assist you. Anything you say to them can be used against you later.
  • Keep Track of All Expenses: Keep track of receipts and credit card statements. Make a record of all purchases, including prescriptions, necessitated by your injuries. If your friends or family have to help you do activities you would otherwise do for yourself, keep a log of their time and activities.
  • Talk to an Attorney: Choose an attorney who specializes in the area of law at issue. Ask for a free initial consultation.