Minority Shareholder Litigation

Yellowstone Club

Confidential Settlement

Yellowstone Club World (YCW)) was a membership club headquartered in Big Sky, Montana, which promised its members full access to resort properties around the world, along with use of various yachts and private jets. We alleged that YCW’s owners diverted assets belonging to the club and its members for their own personal use and for use by their various other business entities. YCW was ultimately placed into involuntary bankruptcy, setting off a chain reaction of financial repercussions for entangled people, business entities, and properties around the world. For years afterward, in ongoing efforts to compensate innocent creditors, the various estates pursued recoveries in multiple jurisdictions. Our firm represented the chapter 7 trustee for the YCW Estate in pursuing successful recoveries of multi-million-dollar resort properties around the world, which could then be sold to generate funds to compensate club members and other legitimate creditors.

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