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Some actions are so egregious that they can affect a large group of people. Rather than have thousands or even millions of people have smaller suits, courts allow for groups of individuals to sue as a “class”.

In a class action lawsuit, a representative brings forward an action on behalf of the entire class. Typically, these cases have larger amounts of damages and each victim must testify that they are part of the class suing for damages. If the court finds in favor of the class, then the members will split the proceeds amongst each other.

If you have ever felt like you have been treated unfairly by a large corporation, you are not alone. A class action lawsuit can be a way to take your case and give it some real teeth that the larger institutions have to answer. At Beck, Amsden & Stalpes, our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you to navigate the complexities of class action lawsuits. Our Bozeman class action lawsuit attorneys will give you the best chance to succeed in your claim. Call us today for your free consultation.

What is a Class Action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is when one or more plaintiffs take legal action on behalf of a larger group. The plaintiff(s) must successfully demonstrate to the court that they have been affected by the action of the defendant in a manner that affected a large group of people. Class action lawsuits are frequently seen being brought against businesses, employers, manufacturers, retailers, or financial institutions. They can be rather complicated, so contacting our Bozeman class action lawsuit lawyers would take the stress off your shoulders.

What are Common Types of Class Action Lawsuits?

There are various cases where people file class action lawsuits. Some known examples include:

  • Environmental Hazards – These include environmental issues that have a significant impact on the people in the community, such as polluted air and contaminated water. Examples of environmental hazards that warrant class action lawsuits include oil spills, toxic chemicals that are emitted by a nearby chemical plant or factory, and illegal mining.
  • Consumer Fraud – Consumer fraud occurs when an individual or business deceives multiple customers for personal gain. Examples of consumer fraud include deceptive advertising and the sale of defective products.
  • Employment Issues – Employment issues occur at the workplace when an employer’s negligence leads to mistreatment towards their employees. Examples of employment-related issues include breaches of contract, discrimination, sexual harassment, and failure to comply with wage and hour requirements.

What is the Benefit of a Class Action lawsuit?

With a small claim by an individual, an employer might not take the threat seriously because the success of a lawsuit is costly and an individual is unlikely to afford competent counsel compared to big-shot corporate attorneys. Furthermore, even if a plaintiff gets paid out, the action might not be enough to cause any reputational damage to the company. However, no claim is an unimportant claim. Everyone’s voice matters and should be heard. By coming together with other like-minded plaintiffs, a class action can increase the likelihood of a plaintiff receiving just compensation for their harm. Furthermore, courts benefit from these cases by being able to handle multiple claims at once rather than having to go through each one individually. However, in order for a class action lawsuit to be received by the court, the plaintiffs must successfully demonstrate they have the ability to be certified as a “class”.

How are Classes Certified in Montana?

Based on Montana’s Code Annotated in 2021 in Title 25, Civil Procedure, Chapter 20, Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 23, a class action lawsuit can be certified if the following prerequisites are met:

  • Numerosity – The class is so large that it is impractical to join all of the members.
  • Commonality – There are questions of law or fact that bind all of the plaintiffs together.
  • Typicality – The representative parties’ claims or defenses are typical of the class’s claims or defenses; and
  • Adequacy – The representative parties protect the class’s interests in a fair and adequate manner.

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Lawsuits are already difficult to begin with. Navigating the complexities of class action lawsuits can be an even more daunting task. However, using this strategy can be a smart move that should not be discounted. Indeed, two heads are better than one, and at Beck, Amsden, & Stalpes, our Bozeman class action lawsuit lawyers are ready to fight on your behalf. We’ll use our experience to make sure you and everyone else who has suffered similar harm receive the justice that is deserved. Contact us today for your free consultation.